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  Ed's Exalted Toolkit
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the questions you may have about the Toolkits.
Last updated 7/13/2013

Why are Serial Numbers required for Installation?

Click here for Ed's explaination.

When attempting to install in Windows 7, the installer freezes after entering the serial number.

Use the following steps to correct this issue and install the toolkits

1. Right click on EdExalt#.exe, were # is the version number downloaded.
2. Select properties from the bottom of the context menu.
3. On General Tab at bottom right, is a button labeled "Unblock". Click this.
4. Once unblocked, button will grey out.
5. Run install.

Additional possible fixes:
- Run installer as admin (right click file, there should be an option)
- Run installer under Win XP emulation
- Do not install to default folder of program files, instead create a folder setup of c:\Games\EdExalted.   Or any other location outside of the program files folders.
- Start up Windows in Safe Mode.   One or another applications such as Antivirus apps can place locks on files and prevent their install, so not having them running can sometimes help.

- Also close all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).   These may cause conflicts with the installer so should be closed.

- Turn off any Logitech Setpoint software running in the system tray.   This can cause the installer to freeze up.

Can I change a Caste's Favored Abilities?

By means of the Ability Toolkit, you can change which caste an ability is assigned to.   Select the ability to change and then click on the Caste tab.    Change the assigned caste for the exalted type you wish to change and then save.

Make sure you have a caste selected.   If it is blank, that ability will not display in the character toolkit.

Why is a folder placed on my C: Drive when I specified another folder for installs?

The "C:\EdExaltedPics" folder is used for the printing of character sheets with portraits.   The hard install of that folder was required in order to get the report "Character Sheet with Portrait" to work.   In the type of reports being used, Crystal Reports 7 does not allow for the dynamic changing of the image location at run time.   Only the actually image file can be changed.

You can safely delete that folder if you do not want any files installed on your C: Drive.   But from that point on, the report "Character Sheet with Portrait" will only display the test image used to create the report or a blank image.   Your characters' portraits will not be printable.

Solar, Dragon-Blooded and Lunar Toolkits
Can I change the Max Number of Bonus Points for a starting Character?

Yes, you can modify the number of bonus points and every other point cost in the Character Toolkits.   The Storyteller Point Template Toolkit allows you to customized costs.   It is located in the "Storyteller Toolkits" sub menu of "Ed's Toolkit for Exalted" in the Start Menu Programs section of Windows.

After you create a custom point template, you then chose that template for your character.   Your characters costs will then use the values that you selected in the point template.   Bonus Points and Experience Point costs can be modified.

Lunar Toolkit
Why does every character start with a two in Charisma?

This is done for the auto assigning of the charm "Finding the Spirits Shape".   All Lunars start with this charm.   It requires a 2 charisma.   To save myself and everyone else the trouble of having to select this charm, I start you off with it and its pre-req attribute.  

Lunar Toolkit
Why are Lunar Body Enhancement Charms in the Shapechanging Charm Tree?

Because the charms are based on "Shaping the Ideal Form" is why they appear in the Shapechanging charms.   No way around that.   The Toolkit's logic looks at the pre-req charms and builds the tree view based on that.

HTML Export of Character Sheet

Crystal reports has a nice little Export feature.   When you print preview, there is a Export button on the top of the preview pane located next to the zoom percent.   Clicking on this will show a number of formats you can export to.   HTML 3.2 Standard will make a basic HTML page of the selected report.   None of the line graphics are included, but all of the char info is there.   This will work with any of the reports.

What is MDAC?

MDAC is Microsoft Data Access Components.   It is a install of system database tools and libraries that are required to run my toolkits.   You do not have to run this. This is for reference only. MDAC is already part of the install.   For more information visit Microsoft:   What is MDAC?


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