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  Welcome to EdExalted!
  Ed's Toolkits for Exalted is a suite of Windows programs designed to aid the Exalted gamer in their quest for character perfection.   Use the Toolkits to create and keep track of all of your celestial and terrestrial Exalted characters and npc's.

Check out the samples to the left to see what the Toolkits can offer you.   If you like what you see register with the site and then download your copy of the Toolkits.

The News
August 30th, 2015

Version 7 Ready for Test

The Alchemical Toolkit is now ready.   In addition, there are over 120 fixes and enhancements made to the Toolkits for this release.

If you would like to try out version 7, send an email to: v7 Serial for your download link and serial number.

Please see the updated list of changes:   Read Me for V7   here (search on 11/28/2014 for new updates).


November 28th, 2014

Toolkits November 2014 Update

Have made a number of fixes and completed the Point calculations re-factoring in all toolkits.   A few dozen changes were made in addition to starting on the Alchemical Toolkit.

The base copy over from the Lunar Toolkit code base to Alchemical is completed.   The basics with caste icons are done along with the charm tree being set up.   The Alchemical unique rules will be applied next.

Please see the updated full list since Aprils update:   Read Me for V7   here (search on 4/4/2014 for new updates).


April 13th, 2014

Toolkits April 2014 Update

Since October, over forty bug fixes and enhancements have been made. Here are a few of them:

•Combo Copy
•Combo limit increased to nomax (was 20)
•Added used click ability for health and virtues.
•On armor tab, repurposed shields to Essense Replenisment Rate
•Movement fields added to Health

Please see the updated full list:   Read Me for V7   here (search on 10/27/2013 for new updates).

Still making changes and am getting closer to an Alchemical toolkit. But am now looking to do some refactoring of the point calculations.


October 27th, 2013

Toolkits October Update

Work continues on bug fixes and minor improvements to the toolkits:

•A number of astrology bugs were corrected with caste costs and astrology charms have been re-organized for easier viewing.
•Enhanced Sidereal toolkit to have starting points for astrology charms.
•Added a new tookit size to fit better on netbooks: 1280 x 720.
•Combo costs updated to be free when options in the Point Template are set to either 0 in bp costs or -99 in xp costs.
•Dragon Blooded that are not Immaculates can now learn celestial style martial arts when this option is enabled in the point template.

And dozens of other changes. Please see the updated   Read Me for V7   here (search on 8/4/2013 for new updates).

Currently working on the sidereal character sheets for my upcoming game and am making a character copy feature to allow quick duplicating of characters for alternate designs.


August 4th, 2013

Back to work on the Toolkits

A few weeks ago my gaming group decided to come back to Exalted after a couple year break.   With renewed interest in Exalted, we are now starting a 5+ essence Sidereal game.   Character planning and design has begun and with it, the desire to work on the programs once more.

As a start, a good number of bug fixes have been made for Version 7 in addition to a number of improvements.   The Lunar charm tree has been organized with anchor charms (similar to the Any bridge charms) so that the charms land in the correct trees.   Thaumaturgy Degree starting points have been added to the Point Templates so that you do not have to spend bp to start.   Also making updates to support the Scroll of Errata from 3/13/2012 for this release.

Please see the   Read Me for V7   for the listing of changes made so far.



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